News of a Jethro Tull album

Prog rock veterans Jethro Tull reports that it has completed work on the recording of their twenty-third studio album, following swift on the heels of their critically-acclaimed return earlier this year with ‘The Zealot Gene’, their first album in two decades. Ian Anderson checks in with the below: “We have been putting the finishing touches […]

Keith Emerson Biography

A book celebrating Keith Emerson is being released on what would have been his seventy-eigth birthday, 2nd November. It is lavishly illustrated, and features family, friends, colleagues and fans talking about the Keith’s life, work and legacy. There are two deluxe editions – the Classic, and the Signature which is signed by author Chris Welch […]

CD Review – My Soliloquy- Fusion

“There has seldom been a more pressing question than the mystery of our own divinity. It has consistently presented humankind with its BIG question, and, in equal measure, big conflict. Both personally and collectively, our species has tried to reach an answer we can all agree on. Are we foundation’d in the eternal? Are we […]

Roots in November

Eddi Reader – Light is in the Horizon This is a new album of previously unreleased recordings left behind from the sessions of her “Vagabond” and “Cavalier” albums, featuring many of Eddi’s longtime collaborators (Boo Hewerdine, John Douglas, Alan Kelly, Roy Dodds) and featuring numerous talented musicians. What sets Eddi apart is the depth and […]

Focus UK Dates

Dutch progressive favourites Focus seem to have a favourable following wind nowadays.. In 2019 Focus released the band’s first studio album for 6 years, Focus 11, which came complete with brand new Roger Dean artwork. The year was then spent touring from South America to Japan and everywhere in between in support of the new […]

Yes Finally Tour Relayer

Yes does not let the dust settle before departing on another tour. The band has announced UK dates for their long-awaited Album Series 2023 Tour featuring their 1974 Relayer album in its entirety together with a selection of other classic Yes favourites. Tickets are on sale from 10am on Friday 14 October. The Relayer Tour […]

CD/LP REVIEW – Steeleye Span – Live at the Rainbow Theater 1974

Steeleye Span are still one of the most influential names in British roots music. Pioneers of folk-rock, they took folk music out of its niche, gave it a good shake up and toured the life out of it. Or should that be toured fresh life into it. Members? Members have come and gone over the […]

Roots in October

Captain of the Lost Waves – Mysterium Tremendum This trilogy closer to Hidden Gems Chapter 1 and 2 was made during lockdown, recorded separately. This, and family health issues following a car accident, seem to have given determination to be a testament to much loved music over the decades: musical drama a la Jeff Wayne’s […]

CD Review – SiX By SiX – Six By Six

Now here is an unfamiliar band formed by well-known musicians. SiX by SiX is comprised of three familiar accomplished musicians from diverse corners of the globe and each with considerable pedigree. They are guitarist Ian Crichton from the notable Canadian prog rockers Saga, considered one of the top rock players in North America, along with […]

Live Review – Steve Hackett – Genesis Revisited  – Foxtrot at 50

Faithful reproduction or exuberant interpretation? What are live gigs about these days? Well, dare I say it, age might have something to do with where you sit on the spectrum between anarchic improvisation and note perfect replication. At my age, I’m constantly drawn back to the music of my youth, no matter how good some […]

CD Review – Ryo Okumoto – The Myth of the Mostrophus

Ryo Okumoto is not the most prolific of solo artists. Undoubtedly best known in the prog world for his dazzling keyboard displays with Spock’s Beard, The Myth of Mostrophus is his first release in a couple of decades, since Coming Through in 2002. There had been a handful of releases prior to that. But it […]

CD Review – Steve Hackett – Genesis Revisited Live – Seconds Out & More

“I’m so happy to release my Seconds Out & More show… A spectacular night with a band on fire tearing into that magic music combining the true spirit of Genesis with a fresh virtuosic approach and an extraordinary sound under amazing lights. This show is a feast for both ears and eyes. The best of […]

CD Review – Lonely Planet – A Model Life

The original plan was that there would only be three Lonely Planet albums, a trilogy of Sci-Fi tales centred on an astronaut. Then a fourth arrived, not directly related to the first three’s story line but continuing with the Sci-Fi theme. “The truth is, I only ever intended to make three albums and then stop,” […]

CD Review – Pattern-Seeking Animals Only Passing Through

Pattern-Seeking Animals has returned with Only Passing Through, the band’s third album in fairly hot pursuit of the groups previous one, Prehensile Tales from 2020. That is pretty prompt by modern standards although the band’s hope had been to release an album every year. The group’s eponymous first album was released in 2019. The original […]

Statement from Magenta re: Sheffield Cancellation

Sadly another show has bit the dust 😪, as The Citadel has closed down costing them that gig – we have been notified that Magenta have decided to cancel the Sheffield show. To be honest their reason is very viable – planning a tour is incredibly difficult and the finances are very tight. Advance ticket […]

CD Review – Restive Nation – Restive Nation

It is good to come across band’s who are prepared to not do what other bands do just because that’s their genre. It is what is expected. To fight against being pigeon-holed you have to take chances, put yourself out on a limb a little bit. Think back to what many consider to be the […]

CD Review – Kalandra – Kingdom Two Crowns: Norse Lands Soundtrack (Extended)

Kalandra is, ostensibly, a Scandinavian pop-rock band that describes its music as “weaving ethereal melodies into raw and eerie musical landscapes”. Although this release is a soundtrack it is neither from a movie nor television but rather was composed as the original soundtrack for the game Kingdom Two Crowns and its new world called Norse […]

CD Review – PreHistoric Animals – The Magical Mystery Machine (Chapter 2)

Swedish proggers Prehistoric Animals return with this, the band’s third album which follows on from the concept from the group’s previous album with a Sci-Fi story, relating the tale of two characters, Cora and Jareth, who are collecting humanities abilities. The lyrics are not quite as plainly fanciful as that suggests and there are enough […]

CD/DVD Boxset Review – Man – Life On The Road: On Air (1972-1983)

Here’s a mammoth six-disc box set celebrating the broadcasts of Welsh psychedelic prog rock band Man. The collection consists of four CDs along with two DVDs, which are NTSC/region free, and brings together the extant UK radio and TV sessions, including those done for the BBC. These BBC recordings include three complete sets recorded for […]

CD Review – Jakub Tirco – Alaska

It is always good to come across music that is not quite what you would expect it to be. Guitarist Jakub Tirco, who is from Prague, has released this album that falls somewhere between being outright prog and post-rock when you would expect it to be very firmly the latter on a casual brief listen. […]

CD Review – Centipede – Septober Energy

Centipede was an English jazz, progressive rock, sprawling big band boasting in excess of fifty members, created and led by the British free jazz pianist Keith Tippett. It was founded in 1970, bringing together an array of young talented British jazz and rock musicians from a number of varied bands, including from Tippett’s own The […]

Steve Hackett – The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway

Steve Hackett released Genesis Revisited Live: Seconds Out & More album in CD/Blu-Ray and DVD formats on Friday 2nd September. Vinyl formats will follow on 25th November. There is a link to live footage of The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway taken from the show here: You can also view the previously released clips here: […]

CD Review (Single) – Levi Nice – Come, Buried Men

Come, Buried Men from Levi Nice proves that you do not have to be an acoustic guitar wielding musician to be a singer-songwriter. Not that there is anything wrong with people who do, but Levi takes a more post-rock approach that sees him melding an over-arching guitar squall with a deep pop sensibility. The London […]

CD Review (Single) – The Daydream District – Hello Sunshine

The Daydream District is a band from Raleigh, North Carolina that is equal parts hard and pop rock, “with a twist of lemon”, to quote the band. It blends quite esoteric, neurotic lyrics with catchy sing-along choruses, the band having very keen pop sensibilities stacked with revivalist 1990s rock stylings. It’s not too difficult to […]

CD Review – The Sluagh – Enivid Creatures

A great big slab of heavy death metal here from Irish band The Sluagh. This album is often brutal, always quite striking. The frequently savage music, though nuanced by calmer, maybe comparatively sedate, melodies, takes no prisoners and remains uncompromising throughout. It is as far from background easy listening as you are likely to find […]

Arena at Local Authority – 30/09/2022

Price : £22 Advance Age Limit : 14+ Ticket link : Due to the pandemic Arena have postponed their 25th anniversary tour until 2021, and then until 2022 meaning the 25th anniversary tour has become their 25 +2 tour. Arena have now been joined by Vocalist Damian Wilson (Headspace & Threshold) In September 2022 Arena will […]


Michael McDermott – St Paul’s Boulevard St. Paul’s Boulevard is the sonic vision of McDermott and co-producer Steven Gillis (who also drums), with musicians Matt Thompson on acoustic and electric bass, Grant Tye on guitars, Heather Lynne Horton on violin and vocals and Vijay Tellis-Nayak on piano and organ. Additional musicians are Will Kimbrough (guitars, banjo, mandolin) John Deaderick on (piano, organ, keyboards), Danny Mitchell (piano, keyboards) and David Grissom (guitars). It gathers […]

CD REVIEW – Bill Nelson’s Red Noise – Art Empire Industry

It’s about time. It’s about time Bill Nelson’s work was recognised – not the under-appreciated, excellent Be Bop Deluxe, but the under the radar Red Noise concept and band. So, finally here, for our delectation and delight, is a 6 disc boxed set of the complete recordings of Bill Nelson’s Red Noise! 4 CDs: the […]

CD REVIEW – The Admiralty Lights – The Ultimate Al Stewart Collection – A selection of Albums

The Admiralty Lights is a super deluxe career-spanning boxset of legendary singer-songwriter Al Stewart’s work.  Comprising 50 discs, the collection features Al’s 21 studio albums (remastered from the original tape transfers), housed in original sleeves and presented in deluxe LP style jackets. Also included are 18 discs featuring never-before-heard live concert recordings from 1970 to 2009, 3 discs of rare BBC […]


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