The first real post.

Me with the Rocket Scientists and Martin Hudson

Welcome, friends to the Spirit progressive rock site. This is going to be one hell of a journey. We’ve got a lot to do. We need help. We need you.

I say we, when I mean initially me.

You might know me. I was a stalwart of the CRS for many years. The classic years. I’ve increasingly behind frustrated, and now the announcement of the CRS closing it’s doors has left me shocked.

I’ve been running gigs for a few years now, I’ve played host to Focus, Panic Room and Strangefish.

I’d like to book more. I’d like bands to contact me. I have a few venues. They’re in Sheffield. I’m sure we can work together.

I’d like reviewers to contact me. I have a website. I know it’s not the magazine, but you can subscribe and get email updates when new stuff is posted.

Let’s make stuff happen.

Let’s bring back the spirit and keep South Yorkshire as – to quote Andy Tillison – Ground Zero.

I’m leaving the default WordPress post there. It spoke to me.

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