Under Stars

So it is just weeks to the launch of the third and final part in the astronaut trilogy from John Mitchell’s Lonely Robot (26th April). It was recorded over an intensive month and a half period and a few weeks ago Lord Connaught sat me down between speakers to take it all on board. Another visit to the Outhouse Studio in my hometown of Reading was well overdue and included a curry. John’s treat! We had earlier nipped over to Jagz at Ascot to take in a couple of bands to be found on his own label (White Star) namely The Room with ex GLD duo, frontman Martin Wilson and guitarist Steve Anderson with support from The Paradox Twin. It was a bit like old times meeting up with these guys again.

Anyway Under Stars was my focus and I was not disappointed. Craig Blundell plays drums and Steve Vantsis is on bass. Mr. Mitchell does the rest. John always saw this as a trilogy and said, “…. it feels like the third part of the Lonely Robot master plan has reached a natural conclusion.” I highly recommend the album and those that have the first two albums already know what to expect.

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