Kate Rusby Philosophers, Poets & Kings

This is Kate’s 17th studio album and while the Yorkshire lass might be as pure a folk traditionalist as they come this time she does blend old and new. For Prog rock traditionalist there is even some accompanying moog on a few tracks.

It is though a deeply personal collection paying homage to her family and musical heritage plus her home life in Yorkshire. However this is an album less demure than previous releases with a bit of something for everyone, that is saying you are one to give folk a chance.

That mention of moog does not mean she is selling out on her favoured genre. She includes a cover of the Oasis song ‘Don’t Go Away’ and a great job she does too. But it is the traditional side that dominates and none moreso than the emotive ‘Halt The Wagons’, a song based upon a mining disaster some 180 years ago where 26 children lost their lives.

Be it a disaster or a simple song about a man in the village Rusby adds her traditionalist magic and a distinct voice too. One of her finest albums.

Martin Hudson

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