CD Review: Origami – Soto

Press_Cover_01SOTO (not to be mixed with Toto, Yoso, Poco or even Ryuichi Sakamoto) is the modern heavy metal / melodic hard rock group of acclaimed vocalist Jeff Scott Soto (currently with Sons Of Apollo and Trans-Siberian Orchestra and ex Yngwie Malmsteen, Talisman, Journey) and this is their third album “Origami“. With origins back in 2015, when Jeff Scott Soto wanted to return to his heavier roots, they have released 2 albums to date: ‘Inside The Vertigo’ (2015) and ‘DIVAK’ (2016), taking a short break while Jeff embarked on the supergroup Sons Of Apollo alongside Mike Portnoy, Derek Sherinian, Billy Sheehan and Bumblefoot. Possibly through the aforementioned Sons Of Apollo, now labelmates, they’ve signed with InsideOut Music for the release of “Origami“. It is a clear signal of ambition and progression.

“HyperMania” begins as an almost eighties throwback, grinding guitar taking over the synths for a big hair day Def Leppard meets Ultravox (All Stand Still) opener. “Origami” aggressively drives with a metal edge lifted by a dynamic chorus, vocal harmonies and some sharp guitar work. “BeLie”, slowing the pace a little, finds the calmness of verse or fluid bass break pre-empting the pounding drums and grinding guitars of the chorus, some powerful vocals delivering the track’s melodic hook. “World Gone Colder” gets those guitar fingers going again, possibly one of the least memorable melodic choruses compensated by interesting rhythmic changes. Slow-burner “Detonate” explodes into life, intense guitar-work driven by a nice growling bass. “Torn” is the breather that finally comes after the sustained onslaught, slowly climbing to its uplifting chorus. “Dance with the Devil” is full on, “AfterGlow” get’s almost blues-funky, “Vanity Lane”is yet another high-paced riff-fest, whilst album closer “Give in To Me” is an epic power-ballad.

With decades of playing, touring and recording with top musicians and adapting to their varied musical styles within his own distinctive delivery and range, Jeff Scott Soto has an impressive CV on paper. ‘Origami’ includes 10 tracks of modern, melodic, metallic hard rock crafted by him out of that experience. You could say rock beats paper every time…..let’s hope they don’t fold!

Tracklist (44:23):
1. HyperMania (04:05)
2. Origami (05:08)
3. BeLie (04:06)
4. World Gone Colder (03:42)
5. Detonate (04:46)
6. Torn (04:39)
7. Dance With The Devil (04:26)
8. AfterGlow (04:48)
9. Vanity Lane (04:02)
10. Give In To Me (04:39)
Limited Digipak CD has the bonus “KMAG” (04:16) as track number 11.

Jeff Scott Soto – Vocals
Jorge Salan – Guitar
Tony Dickinson – Bass
BJ – Keys/Guitar
Edu Cominato – Drums

More information:

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