Tim Staffell – aMIGO

Here is a remastered album due out on Moscodisc on 12th July this year. Tim is in the spotlight again thanks to the recent Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody. In fact Tim was at art college with a certain Freddy Bulsara and when Tim vacated the front space of the band Smile – what would become Queen – in stepped the guy that would become the enigma Freddy Mercury. Indeed this album includes a very recognisable solo by Brian May on the track Earth.

It is in essence a very good jazz / blues album where Staffell impresses with a gritty voice that might not have suited Queen. Neat saxophone and piano build upon that voice making it clear where the album sits. Not everyone’s cuppa but with tracks that nod to the Latin as well as jazz it is one for the mature listener. Other guests include Snowy White.

Martin Hudson

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