CD Review: The Fierce and the Dead – Live USA 17

BEM077 - The Fierce And The Dead - Live USA 17 - album coverThe Fierce And The Dead are a psychedelic instrumental band from North London who have been knocking around on the UK’s underground stoner/post-rock/psychedelic/progressive scene for the last 9 years. They have a fiercely (but not dead) loyal fanbase through regular live performance, and have achieved a good profile in the rock media to date. They’ve released 3 albums including their most recent ‘The Euphoric’ (on Bad Elephant Music in 2018) as well as multiple EPs and a live mini album. This live album was recorded in the USA (go figure) and includes some of the best-loved tracks from If It Carries On Like This We Are Moving to Morecambe and Spooky Action, as well as 2018’s breakthrough album, The Euphoric. Released in October 2019, this live album will be supported by more European gigs (Brexit permitting) in 2020. 

An exhilarating album, Live USA 17 documents The Fierce And The Dead’s performance at the legendary RoSFest, a progressive rock festival, in Gettysburg in 2017 which gained them deserved plaudits.  This album has top tracks like the high-energy ‘Let’s Start a Cult’ and tingly ‘Spooky Action’. Matt remembers the concert: “For four lads from Rushden playing a live show in America was about as likely as walking on the moon.  I hope you enjoy this document of that unlikely adventure…….It represents the end of an era for us, just before we started adding the keyboards live.  I’m really pleased with it.”

This album showcases the powerful yet melodious instrumentals that Matt, Kev, Steve, and Stuart weave.  Their flamboyant punkish-psychedelic sound is strangely addictive. Each track is full of individual character yet flows impressively into the next to provide a colourful and complete soundscape of the band’s musical world. Imaginative and electrifying guitars, growling bass, driving drums and an imaginative and playful ethos, there is a crispness and a crunch, there are clever hooks and it is melodic, mean, moody and magnificent throughout. In fact, if a snapshot were needed that summed up the band’s raison d’etre, this album has the power and energy and diversity to be that witness statement.  Fierce but definitely alive and kicking ass.


  1. 1991 
  2. Let’s Start A Cult 
  3. Flint 
  4. Spooky Action 
  5. Andy Fox 
  6. I Like It, I’m Into It 
  7. The Wait 
  8. Truck 
  9. Parts 7 and 8   


Matt Stevens –  guitar and noises

Steve Cleaton – guitar and other noises 

Kev Feazey – bass 

Stuart Marshall – drums 

 All tracks by The Fierce And The Dead 

 Recorded live at RoSFest, 7th May 2017, at the Majestic Theater, Gettysburg, PA Recorded by Mike Potter for Zeitgeist Media Mixed etc. By K. Feazey 

 Original cover art by Mark Buckingham Digital colouring by Chris Blythe Design by Brian Mitchell and Mark Buckingham 

 Co-ordinated for Bad Elephant Music by David Elliott

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