CD Review: The Toundra – Das Kabinett des Dr Caligari


‘Das Cabinet des Dr.Caligari’ is the latest musical initiative of Toundra, a rather intrepid instrumental rock band from Spain who are not afraid to tackle new projects in a unique fashion and reinvent their art. An atmopheric soundtrack to the quintessential German silent horror film directed by Robert Wiene that turns exactly 100 years old in 2020, it’s a stand alone piece of inventive instrumental post-rock.

The band states, “‘Das Cabinet des Dr.Caligari’ is a movie with a very strong visual energy. It’s a film that takes elements of the terror movies to speak about authoritarianism. About how ideas can be controlled and eventually lead a human individual to do the worst things. It was premiered in between-war period, and it represents an advice about the real danger of some ideologies that nowadays are getting a new life across Europe; ideologies based in intolerance. That’s why we like to see this film as historical document that invites to some conscious thinking rather than let ourselves go where intolerance wants to take us.

Toundra introduced the world to their personal instrumental rock back in 2007. Since then, they’ve toured Europe intensively and even made excursions to places like Mexico or the United States. Until you-know-what, that is…… This is their third album of genre-challenging post-rock, and some of you may know of their offshoot project Exquirla, blending flamenco and rock. Ola and ole!

For me most reminiscent of Leprous, there’s an occasional bit of Riverside there too (or perhaps I mean Lunatic Soul). Initially more reflective than the likes of their album Vortex, there are still some powerful workouts, sonorous guitar to the fore, reverb to the max and echo aplenty. Even during the thrashing times, there is musical aplomb and haunting melody. Unsurprisingly focusing on the guitar, let’s not ignore the driving rhythm section, and also the thoughtful soundscape creation that supports this re-imagining of the film.  Dark, evocative, it stands alone but I have no doubt works even better with the film.


Alberto Tocados (bass, synths)

Alex Pérez (drums )

David Paños “Macón” (guitar )

Esteban Girón (guitar)
I. Akt
II. Akt
III. Akt
IV. Akt
V. Akt
VI. Akt

TOUNDRA online:

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