Paul Birchall – Frangible

Way back in 2007 I was sent a CD by a band called Combination Head. In fact it was Paul Birchall, keyboards, programming and all round musician that made me aware. The album had heavy leanings to Camel and I knew would appeal to the CRS followers. It did and so a gig at Rotherham’s Herringthorpe Leisure Centre was organised and in February 2008 they supported Plackband from Holland. Success and a few hundred more punters knew who the Lancashire band were.

Fast forward many years and I am again in touch with Paul Birchall with, it seems, quite some catching up to do. Here is an offshoot that is not leaning to Camel but collects all that is good about Birchall’s musical colour. Electronic ‘musea’ leads the way in the main but smooth jazz, blues, pop and, of course, the progressive rock genre meld to make for a wide ranging and pleasing noise. Electronic voices are applied via Paul’s alter-ego Nauseating Obnoxious Piss-taking Arsehole before the album comes down to earth with the classical eponymous Frangible.

There is a bit of everything here making it just that bit different as Paul explores his mind and makes a point on the track ‘Corporate Bollocks’. Heavy bass lines here on an upbeat track as foot tapping is provoked. Much like the dance invoking opener ‘Not For The want Of Trying (Baby Baby).

It’s been around a couple of years but with time on our hands at the moment what more could an adventurous listener enjoy more. Well I enjoyed it!

Martin Hudson

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