CD REVIEW: A Visit to Zoetemeer – Tiger Moth Tales

Pete Jones, long-time mastermind behind Tiger Moth Tales, first came to the fore with his excellent debut Cocoon. I still recall my “interview” with him for CRS’s magazine “Rock Society” where I could barely get a proverbial word in – two questions and Pete filled the whole article! And with a heavy heart I have to report I was present at the CRS’s Red Bazar/TMT gig in Maltby, an excellent way to see the society close its doors having fully accomplished its aim to see prog and classic rock back in the wider limelight.

Anyway, back to Mr Jones. His prestigious talent has been ultimately more widely recognised, most recently as part of Camel and a tour with Francis Dunnery’s band. Of this live recording, he says: “We were very excited, as always, to return to the Boerderij last year. We always love playing there, as the staff are most welcoming and so good at what they do, to ensure the acts have a wonderful night. The audience is always fabulous and they give us great support and energy. This DVD captures the atmosphere perfectly as we play a range of songs from the Tiger Moth Tales catalogue. It’s been very rewarding to work with Andy, Mick and Paul to bring the tracks to life on stage and we hope you like it.”

Talking of the rest of the band, if you haven’t caught them as Red Bazar, particularly with Pete on vocals – you are missing a trick and treat. But back to Mr Jones and band. His studio releases epitomise the person himself: larger than life, both ridiculously talented and with rich humour running though him like a stick of rock. This album therefore perfectly captures all facets: his spoken interaction between songs, his ability to create astonishingly complex instrumental interludes within highly melodic tracks, his ability to veer at will between seemingly lightweight levity (Merry Vicar, Toad of Toad Hall) and deeply thought-provoking (Match Girl, Hygge).

For the uninitiated, and if you are Camel or late 70’s Genesis afficionados, this is right in your comfort zone . For the long-time fans like me, the live album serves as a very good ‘best of’, a reminder of concerts previously enjoyed, and a great reminder of the talented man himself. More power to his multi-intrumentalist elbow!

Peter Jones (vocals, guitar, keyboards)
Mick Wilson (bass, vocals)
Andy Wilson (guitar)
Paul Comerie (drums)

1. Toad Of Toad Hall
2. Feels Alright
3. Match Girl
4. Hygge
5. The Boy Who Cried Wolf
6. The ballad Of Longshanks John
7. Tigers In The Butter –
8. The Merry Vicar
9. A Visit to Chigwick

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