CD Review: How do We Want to Live? – Long Distance Calling

Long Distance Calling is a post-rock band from Münster, Germany, formed in 2006 and they have something actually almost unheard of – a longevity as an almost totally instrumental band with numerous albums: Satellite Bay (2007), Avoid the Light (2009), Long Distance Calling (2011), The Flood Inside (2013), Nighthawk (2014) and Boundless (2018).

So this is the next step in their multi-faceted career: 7th studio album ‘How Do We Want To Live?’. A sharply defined, artistically deep exploration of the relationship between humans and artificial intelligence. Trademark sounds with new, surprising and unexpected sonic elements. 

Take ‘Curiosity (Part 2)’ – a blend of Tangerine Dream/Floydian to open before a blistering instrumental rollercoaster ride. ‘Hazard’ has an almost eighties rhythmic drive before digressing and diverting into other intriguing and interesting musical avenues. ‘Voices’ commences like John Green’s ‘Pale Green Ghosts’ before using its near 8-minute length to create an evocative and compelling loop-linked track. ‘Fail/Opportunity’ contrasts through its short atmospheric synth-based melancholy, ‘Immunity’ generates a spacey vibe and ‘Sharing Thoughts’ creates an upward-leading and driven wall of sound. The track ‘Beyond Your Limits’ continues the band´s tradition of having one track with a vocalist, and features Eric A. Pulverich of the band Kyles Tolone. As the band comments: “We got to know him over our producer Arne Neurand. We were instantly fascinated by his voice and we wanted to show the quality of his voice and melodies.” ‘True/Negative’ with its brief post-rock nuance and closer ‘Ashes’ prove thought-provoking in tone and cataclysmic concept.

A comprehensive, deep, at times dark, and intense release – ideal for our times.


David Jordan – guitar

Janosch Rathmer – drums

Florian Füntmann – guitar

Jan Hoffmann – bass


1.Curiosity (Part 1)
2.Curiosity (Part 2)
7.Sharing Thoughts
8.Beyond Your Limits

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