CD REVIEW: Others EP – Frost*

by Aaron Gidney

It’s been almost exactly four long years since the last Frost* offering – 2016’s fantastically diverse Falling Satellites following various periods of hiatus and inactivity.

The Others EP is a stop gap offering from Jem Godfrey and co, prior to the release of the much anticipated 13 Winters anthology artbook and album 4 both due out later this year.

Bandleader, Jem Godfrey stated “Others” is a 6 track EP containing 6 songs that were written at the time of the “Falling Satellites” album. Initially the idea was that “Falling Satellites” would be a double album, but it felt more focused and concise as a single album by the time we’d finished making it, so these half completed songs were put to one side. Now finished and mixed, they are ready to see the light of day!”

The six EP tracks are be split into two styles – with the ‘Side A’ being more fast-paced riffy tracks with shades of Prodigy, and ‘Side B’ containing slower, more melancholic balladry. Some of the standout tracks from Falling Satellites seem to be the blueprint for the first three tracks -which have echoes of the distorted sawtooth riffs found in classic Heartstrings and the infamous electronic stutter breaks in Towerblock – which they even performed live.

As a band that has embraced the progressive side of prog rock, this will appeal to those who like the experimental elements of Frost* catalogue with catchy synth-laden hooks and Jem Godfrey’s masterfully modern and experimental production techniques continuing to push the envelope.

Those wanting to hear guitarist John Mitchell at the fore, may feel a little short changed with these tracks – it’s difficult to pick him out, however, fear not, there will be plenty of John Mitchell-related releases to come with the new Lonely Robot album due soon and new Arena album due out later this year.

Opener, Fathers is probably the standout track closest to the classic Frost* catalogue that we all know and love, with the track Eat perhaps being the most experimental – building with its dance/pop vocal loop samples normally found on commercial radio tracks. Closing track, Drown is a beautifully sensitive piano and string ballad which nicely rounds out this diverse and experimental EP.

An interesting offering that will keep Frost* fans occupied and dissecting its diversity until album 4 and the 13 Winters boxset are revealed later this year.


Jem Godfrey – Keyboards, Vocals, Production. John Mitchell – Guitars, Vocals Nathan King – Bass


  1. Fathers
  2. Clouda
  3. Exhibit A
  4. Fathom
  5. Eat
  6. Drown

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