Cd review : Galahad – Following Ghosts

Expanded Edition (GHR3CD6) – 3 CD set

When describing some progressive rock bands it can become something of a tough ask and some fans, even today, live in the 70s making describing a band like Galahad a tad difficult. I have always said they are probably the most progressive of progressive bands. I can go back to the first time I heard the band’s ‘Nothing Is Written’ shortly after founding the Classic Rock Society in 1991 and thinking that it was ‘okay’. However, some bands progress more than others and I have always believed that Dorset based Galahad is progressive in the true sense of the word. Back in 1998 came ‘Following Ghosts’, an album that enhanced my opinion that they had something just a bit different from the ‘neo-prog’ (if that’s what you want to call them) bands of the day.

The band was going through changes in personnel and while Karl Garrett hung around to do the live shows before moving on to live in Australia in came Dean Baker, a keyboards player that brought something different to the band, maybe unintentionally. The band has changed further over the years but back then it was Stuart Nicholson up front on vocals, Roy Keyworth on guitars and Spencer Luckman on drums. The late great and much missed Neil Pepper was bass player and Dean was the new boy on the block. You might even say Sarah Quilter became a sort of sixth member of the band adding some lovely flute, clarinet and vocals.

‘Following Ghosts’ was and still is a bright light in the Galahad catalogue and now we have this three CD set with the 2019 Mix, the Alternative Ghosts and De-Constructing Ghosts (2019 Remaster). This is the band demonstrating some adventure, never scared to heavy things along or get downright dancey. ‘Bug Eye’ remains a highlight with an intersection of drum ‘n’ bass while the opener ‘Myopia’ is a timeless favourite. Orchestral themes appear on songs like the Beatlesque ‘Easier Said Than Done’ and the outro track ‘Shine’ always did have a bit of ‘Awaken’ for me. The first two discs will attain the prog rock fan loyalty but the third disc will scare them to death, (70s progressive rock meets Cafe del Mar head on!)

Let’s face it progressive rock has been resuscitated ‘slightly’ over the past thirty years and here is a set of discs that prove Galahad did their bit! Martin Hudson

Keep checking the band website for the release date later in the year!

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