CD REVIEW: The Bloody Mallard – Realm

Psych-prog-alt rock outfit The Bloody Mallard is the brainchild of guitarist Tom Walding.

Amidst mention of many mushroom trips in rural Kent, guitarist Tom Walding has used sonic segments, diverse in time signature, polyrhythmic and harmony in seven songs that make up the album Realm.

Recording Realm was a unique experience,” says Tom. Joined by drummer Jake Bradford-Sharp and bassist Raihan Rubin, Tom says “ It was really about trying to find that blend to sound organic and free, but also coherent and together” and “Jake was allowed ‘off the leash’ with his drumming and gave different versions on every take whereas the bass and guitars were performed more specifically.” He ends with: “Jake and Rai’s musicianship is just at that perfect level between skill and empathy; they know how the songs work and how they need to move. I loved how the songs felt alive when we made our music video to Ceremonious Synapses (ii), I just couldn’t let it end there!” So we can expect some live stuff, presumably…..

First things first. This ain’t my cuppa. But let’s be fair, he has done a helluva lot better than I ever could! What I mean is that it’s too post-rock heavy for my liking. But there is scope and ambition, for example in the lengthy Haemoglobin, or a Tool-style in tone, theme and guitar/drum of Subject To Entropy. Don’t get me wrong, there are some more contemplative parts, but I reckon they are to give light to the more requisite darkness. Ceremonious Sinapsis is a meaty piece, initially reminiscent of Rush’s La Villa Strangiato, and its second part has a sense of Frippian challenge, whilst closer Dawn almost comes across like a final breath of relief.

This kind of album will intrigue anyone seeking an overloaded, mesmerising, and gloomy experience to cleanse and yet overwhelm their soulful nature. 



Subject to Entropy


Noble Rot

Ceremonious Synapses (i)

Ceremonious Synapses (ii)


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