by Aaron Gidney

Iboga Gazebo hail from LA and were formed in September 2019.

Twenty Third Eye was their debut single, which was followed up by the Equinox single. Both tracks feature Kim Yang on vocals. Apparently, their debut album, Dose Age was recorded at Dave Grohl’s 606 studio but we won’t hold that against them…

Twenty Third contains a flanged/chorused single note guitar lines that guides the track throughout and is in unison with the vocal lines – this perhaps detracts slightly from Kim Yang’s haunting vocals which really need to be front and centre – they are that good.

Equinox is a piano led, chilled ballad that really highlights the mystery and intrigue of Kim Yang’s vocals.

Neither track overstays their welcome and I found myself slightly disappointed when Equinox began to fade out (perhaps my Prog musical mind has conditioned itself to require 6 plus minutes as minimum!) – a sign of a good thing.

I love the minimalist, laid back atmosphere of these tracks and they really evoke emotion not often felt in much music. The music is a perfect canvas for Kim Yang to paint her heart-wrenching evocative vocals on to. A real vocal talent.

It’s a shame the artwork for the singles doesn’t really reflect the songs or the style and the band have perhaps missed a trick there. The relaxed nature of the track lends itself to sweeping desert landscapes perhaps seen in American Indie road movies which could reflect the mesmerising nature of track (and particularly the vocals).

Overall, there’s a nice vibe to these two singles which could be perfect for those dark, late nights with a glass of wine after a long week.


Kim Yang – Vocals

Eric Avery – Bass

Jebin Bruni – Keys

Jeffrey Cain – Guitar

Richard Ploog – Drums


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