CD Review : Rain – Singularity

Rain is a new name on the progressive rock front that unites John Jowitt (bass and vocals) and Andy Edwards (drums) again after ten years or so since their IQ / Frost days. This time they are joined by two more fine musicians in Rob Groucutt (vocals, keys, guitar) and Mirron (vocals and guitar).  Describing the debut album John Jowitt says, “It’s prog Jim, but not as we know it.”

His description is accurate as the opener, ‘Devils Will Reign’ sits at one end of the prog rock range while the outro and title track is something else and blew me away, eccentric and even smooth jazz. This is an album full of the expected and the unexpected that extends from the simple to the complicated and throughout hones the most superb vocals and musicianship. Five tracks that will please the majority of prog rock fans, but probably more importantly intrigue the open minded. ‘Magician’ might be classed as the epic with Jowitt sounding so much like the late great Chris Squire while ‘Walk Away’ has moments of ‘classic’ Yes. However, this is no prog rock clone. Rain is different and gets a big thumbs up from me. Edwards says this is a band and not a project so I look forward to more, much more!

Martin Hudson

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