CD Review : Anytown – Year By Year

This is a band project led by Matt Taylor of, I was going to say young Sheffield band, Dead Like Harry, but having had a peak at what the band have been doing over the past years it now describes Matt as a ‘veteran’ of the Sheffield scene. Surely not! The band were fresh faced kids when they played for us at the Classic Rock Society but I guess it is true, Matt and DLH are veterans now. Time has allowed for Matt to get married and now the couple have two children. The significance of this is that Matt has been writing songs over the years and those around him are an important part of this album. He is aided and abetted by brother Sam, not only in the engineering department but just as himself with an array of instrumentation. Robin Baker adds bass and double bass and John Redgrave piano, guitar and synths.

The album contains eleven mellow songs with ‘Steel Town’ pointing towards his birthplace and where he still lives today and ‘Little Soul’ and ‘Ivor’s Song’ written about his children. The album is a gentle ride with focused lyrics and polished musicianship that does nothing more than Matt wants and tells a bit of what has been happening in his life. Fans of the more singer songwriter mode will enjoy this but even more the ‘veteran’ DLH fans! Oh by the way the band are not dead and once things get back to normal I’m sure they will rise again.

Martin Hudson

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