CD Review – Sector Nine – 7026

So some good can come out of lockdown and this album is one such thing. Brilliant musicianship throughout makes for a great instrumental album if lyrics are not essential to you. I am one such person and so this is a winner. What makes it more appealing is the crossover of genres. From out and out prog through jazz, psychedelic and electronica it has much of what the progressive musical mind yearns for. The band is made of Rob Gould (keyboards and well known to old time CRS people – Fula), Phil Craigie (guitars – and what a guitarist) and Trevor Pollitt (bass).

They first played together in the 1993 funk rock fusion band Some Strange Quarters and now for the first time in all those years they are back together. Fans of the likes of the late great Yes guitarist Peter Banks will identify with much of the like-minded guitar work and clever use of samples while the input of brass enhances the jazz rock sections of several tracks giving it a cool edge. This a well thought out album that has a surprise around every corner and just for good measure there is a bonus track – with vocals – that turns yet another corner, this time the blues with Rob Gould adding a convincing voice. Come on Jazz FM get it aired.

Martin Hudson

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