Ritual – Glimpses from the Story of mr.bogd (EP)

Ritual Glimpses From The Story of Mr. Bogd (EP) Tempus Fugit

Mr. Bogd is a successful business man who is according to the Swedish band searching for the meaning of life.

This four track EP gives us a glimpse of what is to come in the future with not one but two albums all about Mr. Bogd. Of course, the band are no strangers to those that were followers of the Classic Rock Society all those years ago visiting Rotherham to perform several times from their homes in Stockholm. The band was just one of several that began their UK journey in South Yorkshire but Ritual as a unit were just that bit different.

Here on the new EP a new listener may compare the vocal lines with Queen and the musicianship with Yes (check out the lengthy track ‘The Mice’ for a good example of this) amid Squire like bass lines and Howe like lead guitar. However, there is that folky side to the band brought on by the talented bassist Frederik Lindqvist.

The amazing voice of Patrik Lundstrom has been enjoyed by thousands around the world but it seems he is most at home here with Ritual. Mixing the blatant progressive rock anthemic style with the more laid back Ritual continue their pursuit of doing the business while being that bit different aided and abetted also by the keyboards of Jon Gamble and percussion of Johan Nordgren.

The storyline is intriguing but they have never feared taking on the alternative story in a song. This is a fine and measured taster for what is to come from the band in the future.

Martin Hudson

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