Verity White – ungrounded

Released in November on her own bandcamp page, and instead of hitting the road in 2020 (like so many other musicians) Verity and band kept us entertained with lockdown gigs, and this EP, also recorded during lockdown, features 4 new tracks from one of the most exciting female voices in rock.

Verity is a familiar face to us here at Spirit, having worked with Clive Nolans Caamora company, as well as providing backing vocals for Pendragon, she is a talented and versatile singer,who, of course knows exactly how to rock out.

Rocking out in style of course is the order of the day here, with the cracking opener A Little Bit of Trouble letting us know exactly what we’re in for, and of course that wonderful voice never disappoints.

Then we move into the more contemplative Mists, which features a fantastic performance from the band, which again lets the crystal clear vocals of Verity shine through.

Strange Times, the video of which features Veritys cat Ruskin on a night out (as lets face it no-one else can go out!) sums up the world we’re currently living in with some great guitar work from Alex, and more great vocals.

Finishing on the great Turn Myself Around, this EP is a great reminder as to how great a talent Verity is, and will keep us going until we’re able to go to a gig and see Verity and her band in their natural habitat, knocking it out of the park, live, like they do on this EP.  

Ungrounded is available from Ungrounded | Verity White (

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