DBA Release Vinyl Edition of Halcyon Hymns

Friday 26th March saw the release of Downes Braide Association’s (DBA) 2LP White Vinyl of their fourth studio album Halcyon Hymns, relatively hot on the heels of the CD release on 5th February. A short while ago it seemed that there was a longer delay in the release of vinyl albums. (As an aside, this is the week it was announced that current purchases of vinyl albums are about to outstrip sales of CDs for the first time since the 1990s).

You can read our review of the CD version here: https://spirit.rocks/2021/01/05/cd-review-downes-braide-association-dba-halcyon-hymns/

Keyboardist Geoff Downes says of the release: “The vinyl release of “Halcyon Hymns” really is the icing on the cake for Chris & I. We have had an amazing amount of positivity from all quarters, and the incredible response to the album has been way beyond our greatest expectations. Now, to see the album in all its white vinyl glory, with the wonderful Roger Dean artwork really takes it a step beyond and makes it extra special for us. We’re sure you will appreciate our sincere endeavours and hard work to present you with what we hope will be a real keepsake for you all. Many thanks for your continued support.”

Bandmate Chris Braide adds: “Geoff and I really feel that our music was made for vinyl and Roger Dean’s stunning art is at its optimum when printed as a 12-inch LP sleeve. We also know that our wonderful and dedicated fans would love to see “Halcyon Hymns” presented in this format so this if for them too!”

DBA (Chris Braide (vocals, piano, keyboards, guitar, programming) and Geoff Downes (piano, keyboards, programming)) are joined on Halcyon Hymns by Ash Soan on drums and Andy Hodge (bass).   Additional guests include Dave Bainbridge, Barney Ashton-Bullock, Marc Almond, Tim Weller, Joe Catcheside, David Longdon, Elijah and Sascha Braide.

Halcyon Hymns is the fifth DBA collaboration and follows their three previous critically acclaimed studio albums Pictures of You (2012), Suburban Ghosts (2015) and Skyscraper Souls (2017). The duo has also released Live In England (2019) recorded at their first ever concert at Trading Boundaries, East Sussex, in 2018.

Buy Halcyon Hymns (all formats)here: https://downesbraide.co.uk/

DBA, Downes Braide Association, photographed in Sussex, UK

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