CD Single Review – Neumatic Parlo – Real Insight

Neumatic Parlo is a young psych band from Düsseldorf. Founded in 2018, the band appears to be in the process of making it’s first releases with an EP available and this new single Real Insight.

The music is drenched in teenage angst with sombre lyrics, but is quite bright and cheerful to listen to. The style is very psychedelic with a sound like it could have been released at any point in the last sixty years. The band themselves suggest a sound similar to Yo La Tengo, The Cure and Ty Segall, but there are traces of the Paisley movement of the 1980’s, Madchester, Britpop, garage, and quite obviously the sound of the Sixties psychedelic pop-rock of 13th Floor Elevators and the more poppy The Outsiders. Overall, the sound is quite lush and jaunty with jangly guitars and the pulses of the music give it some impetus. A lively, enjoyable listen.

Line-up (unconfirmed):

Vincent Göttler

Justin Janßen

Simon Hartmann

Frederick Oltersdorf

Luis Wedekind

Release Date: 26th March 2021

Label: UNIQUE Records

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