CDEP Review – Mountain Caller – Chronicle: Prologue

Instrumental proggers Mountain Caller make a rapid return with Chronicle: Prologue, that manages to serve both as a follow up and prequel to the band’s debut album Chronicle I: The Truthseeker which was released in November 2020. ( Review viewable here: EP adds a back story to the fantasy concept of the original album.

The three-piece band actually recorded these tracks at the same time as the album but they also represent the earliest tunes written by the group. Comprising of three tracks, and clocking in at around the twenty-one minute mark, the EP is a very tasty slice of proggy post-rock. The first track Something Stirred From Beneath The Rubble is a riff-laden slow burner that has numerous peaks and troughs throughout its nine minutes with magnificent crescendos and weaving quieter sections. Beyond This Black Horizon muscles in next with its more vigorous strut though still full of squalling climaxes, whilst Stripped Of All But Purpose sounds a little more ominous with the bass more prominent before rushing towards a maelstrom then a reflective poignant ending.

Mountain Caller certainly have a lot to offer. The music is full of colour, dexterity, gusto and drive whilst managing to be thoughtful and remain tuneful. It is less easy for an instrumental band to tell tales without lyrics to help the narrative, but the versatility and variation on display here shows that it can be excellently done. This is a band that has the ability to call on a full array of talents, leading to music that sits comfortably not only in the prog rock world, but equally in the post-rock and heavy metal ones as well. It will be intriguing and interesting to see where the band can take the Chronicles and its fascinating music next.

1.Something Stirred From Beneath The Rubble 09:02

2.Beyond This Black Horizon 05:58

3.Stripped Of All But Purpose

Claire Simson – guitar

El Reeve – bass

Max Maxwell – drums

Format: Digital

Release date: 9th July, 2021

Label: New Heavy Sounds

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