Francie Conway – Staycation

Francie Conway, a singer from Ireland, has recently released a single called Staycation hot the heels of his Hidden Gems album, which continues to receive warm praise around the world. Chris White, who worked with The Zombies, is a guest vocalist, alongside Vivienne Boucherat, with Dom Torche on Hammond organ, Hungarian bassist Peter Miklos Erdai, Moving Hearts’ drummer Matt Kelleghan, and Francie’s son contributes some vocals and shaker. Francie himself is the main vocalist and also plays a twelve-string guitar. He also wrote the song.

The song itself is quite an upbeat, cheerful, fun summertime single with playful lyrics and a catchy reggae lilt. It was recorded in England, Switzerland, and Germany and is very much a feel-good pop song at the very fringes of progressive rock.

You can watch the video for the single here:  

Label: Satellite Records/Sunfish UK

Release Date: 9th July, 2021

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