CD REVIEW – Kyros – Recover

Shelby Logan Warne, vocalist and keys, talking about band and music, says: “We’ve always worn our influences on our sleeves when it comes to how we approach the Kyros material, so it felt appropriate to take that a step further through the lockdown period and dedicate one of our Isolation Gigs to paying homage to some of our favourite songs from some of our favourite bands. When it came to putting this out as a proper release, we wanted to take yet another step further and throw a few more songs into the mix and explore some deeper cuts. And thus, RECOVER was born! “

What a great way to use lockdown time?! And how about “inviting” some guests along:  John Mitchell of Frost*/Lonely Robot/Arena et al, and Ray Hearne of Haken and Andy Robison of IHLO.

Now I know there are polar opposite views when it comes to covers. There are those for whom there is only one definitive version, and only ever will be – the studio one by the original band. And for that kind of listener, even revisits by the same or slightly different band members is anathema. But then you get the listener who gets it when another artist takes it on, considers the essence of the song and revisits it with fresh eyes and a different take. The only thing those two viewpoints have in common is their collective dislike of a second rate covers band that merely tries to imitate the original – and fails miserably.

And how chuffed I am that I’m not the only one who gets Imogen Heap and Giraffe. I thought I was on my own there…..

Behind the Lines was always a strong opening track, and Kyros give it muscle whilst remaining true to the original, albeit current keyboard sounds are pleasant update and it’s well sung. Most competent and freshly retrospective.

Force Ten is superbly modern – a cross between Pure Reason Revolution and Frost*, and Under my Skin is as darkly jolly as you’d expect. The Fluke is an inspired showcase, as devilishly complex and melodically aggressive as you’d expect it to be.

Closing In manages to retain the original’s distant otherworldliness and personal fragility whilst imprinting the Kyros style onto it with characteristic depth, strength and drive. FU is similarly respectfully recreated, supremely crunchy with respective melodic and growl sections extremely well played and sung.

And so to the first guest appearance with Heartstrings and Mr Mitchell. Can they come up to Frostian standards? Well, yes, rather. Shelby Logan Warne does a mean Jem all ways on, and their slightly retro take softens the edges and suits the song well. Where’s my Thing? A second Rush track, and just as lush and enthusiastically well played, showing off their instrumental prowess.

The Good Doctor comes out of the traps with Haken-like intensity, perhaps inspired by the band’s guests. And for me, the vastly underestimated and under-praised Kevin-Gilbert inspired Giraffe track Because of You is an awesome closer. Great to hear the song’s nuances respectfully replicated and some great solo additions.

So there you have it. An album that pays respectful homage and at the same time sets out the band’s stall. Fresh eyes on classic tracks – good stuff.


1. Behind The Lines  // Genesis
2. Force Ten  //  Rush
3. Under My Skin //  Jukebox The Ghost
4. The Fluke // Devin Townsend
5. Closing In  // Imogen Heap
6. FU //  Sordid Pink
7. Heartstrings ft. John Mitchell   //  Frost*
8. Where’s My Thing? // Rush
9. The Good Doctor ft. Ray Hearne & Andy Robison // Haken
10. Because of You  //  Giraffe


Shelby Logan Warne – Lead vocals and keyboards

Joey Frevola – Guitar

Peter Episcopo – Bass guitar

Robin Johnson – Drums

Kyros online:


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