Single Review – Greyface – Dead Men (Don’t Walk In Circles)

Dublin based band Greyface are an interesting, if somewhat eccentric, prospect. Heavily steeped in Jungian analysis, the players present themselves as the inner shadow we all have, which entails the band members each painting their faces to represent this characteristic. I believe the band members names to be derived from this too. Collectively, the band has named itself Greyface to represent our inner animal.

The resulting music also exemplifies the personification here. It is very dramatic, attention grabbing, and at times quite sinister, often being unsettling and bleak. The band appears to have a rather eclectic music approach drawing on electronica, powerful rock, a hint of classical, and maybe a touch of Cabaret Voltaire, the artistic nightclub in Zurich that give rise to the Dada movement. The feel of this release is a sort of refined anarchy of sounds and ideas, at times quite broodingly tranquil whilst at others a little fraught and foreboding.

This is the latest in a string of single releases from the band as it builds towards the release of a more substantial EP. It will be intriguing to see how the concept develops. This is certainly an interesting art-rock song, although it is to be hoped that they haven’t over restricted themselves within the limitations of “the shock of the new”. There is certainly enough material in analytical theories to sustain it. Certainly, this is a band to keep a watchful eye, and ear, on.

Dead Men (Don’t Walk In Circles) (04.55)

Shaye – Vocals

Icarus – Guitar

Evra – Bass

Éalú – Drums

Release date: 16th July 2021

You can watch a video for the song here:

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