by Aaron Gidney

Musician, Film-Maker and Writer, David Minisian has released new 2021 Remixes of The Sound of Dreams and Masquerade as a double A-side single in anticipation of the forthcoming ‘Random Dreams – The Very Best of David Minasian Vol. 1.

Masquerade originally appeared on 2010’s Random Acts of Beauty, whilst The Sound of Dreams (First Movement) appeared on 2020’s The Sound of Dreams.

The Sound of Dreams features the vocal talents of Annie Haslem of Renaissance fame, along with a certain Mr Steve Hackett on guitar and current Yes Bassist, Billy Sherwood. This is classic Symphonic Prog at its best – wonderful instrumentation with modern, clear and powerful production. Clearly the mix has been beefed up which adds a power and a presence to the performances of the musicians involved.

Masquerade has been shortened by about 4 mins – and although less immediate than The Sound of Dreams, it does feature a rare appearance from Andy Lamiter of Camel on Lead Guitar. Andy Lamiter’s unmistakable lead tone is at the forefront of the mix throughout the middle part of the song and sounds truly glorious in this remix. Latimer is such an underrated guitarist in my opinion, and you can hear how he influenced the phrasing and tone of people like Marillion’s Steve Rothery.

Two fantastic Symphonic Prog tracks here, worthy of a remix and entry into a ‘Best of’ compilation.


1. The Sound of Dreams (Remix 2021)

2. Masquerade (Remix 2o21)


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