CD REVIEW – Semantics – Sleep at Night (single)

‘Sleep At Night’ is Semantics’ second release for 2021, following single ‘Firelink’ back in January, and it marks their debut on Side One Dummy – an independent, punk-oriented US label. And on first listening, it seems a suitable match.

In a press release, Robinson describes ‘Sleep At Night’ as a ‘pick your poison’ kind of song, intended to offer its listener an outlet for their emotions: “Everybody has a crutch and needs a little help getting through each day,” he said. “It’s no one else’s place to judge your coping mechanisms, but it’s imperative that you’re self aware and don’t dig yourself a deeper hole.”

It’s unashamedly melodic but with that punk attitude. Imagine Green Day meet the Rembrandts. Guitar overdrive and pummeling bass and drums, over which singer Callum Robinson’s layered lead vocal carries the energy and delivers the passion. And who would have expected the death metal vocal bridge, followed by an almost soccer crowd chorus hey? Go for it lads, it’s things like that which add that stand out moment.

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For more on Semantics, check them out on InstagramFacebook, and YouTube.

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