CD REVIEW – Tricklebolt – Live at the Drive In

Tricklebolt is a rock band founded in February 2014 in the region of Lemele, The Netherlands. They consider classic (hard)rock bands like Uriah Heep, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath as important influences. ​Their resume includes (among others) supports for Golden Earring, DeWolff, Extreme, Navarone and the aforementioned Heep. It would appear Tricklebolt put the troubled summer of 2020 to good use and recorded the Worlds first Drive-In Live album!

And it turns out they wear those influences on their sleeves, albeit with a good dose of blues, as witnessed in the first proper opening track (after the intro) ‘Straight into the Blue) with it’s Purple Groove, Heep sound and Golden Earring drive. A full on start into a raucously enjoyable rock ride.

I have to say it is nice to hear a live gig, even if the scenes have to be imagined. ‘Atlantis’ has a nice vintage Quo start and Purple vibe. High energy, tight band, well recorded. What’s not to like.

‘N347’ is pure dual guitar of Thin Lizzy with a real rock feel, shuddering chorus and slight vintage ZZTop groove. ‘Freshly Mown Grass’ has a slight commercial edge to it’s solid bluesy rock bite. Second song I’ve ever heard that evokes lawnmowers and similarly this band know what they like. But I don’t think there are referencing what lawns are made of……..

‘Backbite’ comes out of the traps like a whirlwind (mixed metaphor, yes I know….) and this time there’s a grunginess separated by the melodic choruses. What I find pleasing is that, although there is a necessary amount of showmanship, it’s not unnecessarily overkill. ‘Air Balloon’ is another Purple/Heep chugger to warm the cockles, nice and raw.

‘River’ sees the band take things down a few notches to a slow, soulful blues vibe with grungy riff, crashing crescendo, clever tempo changes, soaring vocal and accompanying guitar. ‘I’ve Seen Trees (parts 1&2) is an eight minute epic. Sprawling with elements of psychedelia, fully retro essence, delicious groove choices,

BTW a bit weird to hear car horns tooting their approval alongside the gig-goers! And an album ending with feedback and engines revving. ‘High Trees’ ends the album with another full-on grooving rocker a la “Highway Star”.

This band has a deeply rooted 70’s spirit and the constant urge to provide a raw, raucous and dangerous urge to what we call rock. They delivers a rumbling, grinding musical and sonic gut feeling that evokes the rowdy vibe of so many bands I’ve mentioned when those bands were similarly raw of course. I reckon live they generate a solid amount of decibels that resounds and reverberates right through you. Play it loud.


The band currently consists of singer/guitarist Bastian Pen, guitarist Tim Kampman, bassist Daan Pen, organist Roy Scholten and drummer Lars Spijkervet.


  4. N347, PT. 2
  8. RIVER
  9. I’VE SEEN SKIES, PT. 1 & PT. 2

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