CD REVIEW – Luira – Free

Gifted her grandfather’s violin age nine, it was the start of an amazing musical journey for Laura ten Voorde. First to a music school, where the violin teacher told her mother she couldn’t teach anymore because She was learning so fast and had such a good sound and feeling for the instrument. Then via the Amsterdam Conservatory to a private teacher Julia Veerling for eight years lessons with her, and in between from Jan Repko and later from Julia’s husband, soloistJeroen de Groot. Orchestras, performances, awards followed. And Rotterdam Conservatory.

Hence the leap to becoming the lead violinist, founder and composer of the Rotterdam-based progressive metal Adeia. Eight interesting years of learning experiences from self-promotion, getting out there, to actual creativity. But sometimes the best music can come out of adverse circumstances. In this case the break up of her band and the sickness of her father in 2017 led to a break. Then, in March 2017, the ex- drummer of Phantom Elite, Eelco van der Meer asked her to play violins for their single “Wasteland”. This in turn led to contact with producer and guitarist Sander Gommans (ex- After Forever, MaYan) and an offer to get in touch. So, in September 2017 began her journey with writing songs and producing lessons at The Rock Station.

And this is what she writes about : “Most music I write of is about personal things that I went through, nature, injustice, psychology, the effect of humanity on the earth and philosophy…..the dark and the light. About depression and the influence of society: from busy cities, to rushing people, and overcoming trauma. It’s about the purity of mother nature and how we can find our way out of the dark depths of our soul. How the silence, the peace and simplicity, and last but not least, the beauty of unspoiled nature around us are the key to happiness and true peace of the mind.”

And here’s what to expect: “Regarding my new music I wouldn’t say it’s metal or classical, but more a magical combination of many music styles I like and my own imagination; for me it feels even more that I have found myself, more than ever before. In this new style everything comes together. “

Luíra has created her very own style, an alternative with polyphonic voices, folk instruments, combined styles and sounds. Discordance meets classical beauty. Folk overtones touch operatic structures. Coming from classical music and travelling through the world of heavy metal with Adeia, the result is something different. It’s dramatic, it’s diverse, it’s random. Her voice is an acquired taste, almost Bjork-ian in drama and energy. So is her style. It’s actually quite different and I’m struggling to find a genre let alone a pigeon-hole. It is too much to take in one sitting. Bjork meets Yoko perhaps……. Luíra has delivered what she said she would. And it’s unexpected.


  1. Secret Medicine
  2. Inner Drum
  3. Old Violin String
  4. Erminae
  5. Free
  6. Metempsychosis
  7. Prism Mind
  8. Concrete Suffoc…
  9. A New Life

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