CD REVIEW – Stefano ‘Lupo’ Galifi – Dei Ricordi, Un Museo

“Dei ricordi, un museo” is the first solo album by Stefano “Lupo” Galifi, singer
of legendary Museo Rosenbach, who in 1973 released “Zarathustra”, an Italian Progressive Rock masterpiece that no doubt fell on deaf ears in these blinkered isles.

Back on stage and into recording studios in recent years as the singer of Il Tempio delle Clessidre and of the reformed Museo Rosenbach, as well as guest and collaborator of various artists of the Italian prog-rock scene, Stefano has finally found an opportunity to rearrange his desires, reflections and memories, and to express his thoughts through music once again. One door closes, and before opening another door, it’s time to to tidy up, file things away store our memories and mementoes in our own ‘existential museum’. That’s our theme.

To make this record, Lupo contacted established musicians and composers that many euro-prog fans will recognize, starting with Luca Scherani (La Coscienza di Zeno, Höstsonaten) who accepted the invitation with enthusiasm and shaped the melodies and music that suit the expressive power of Stefano’s voice. Lyric duties were entrusted to Gabriele Guidi Colombi (La Coscienza di Zeno, Not a Good Sign), hermetic words of desire to collate all that has been gathered together throughout this existential life. The line-up is completed by Marcella Arganese (Ubi Maior, Mr. Punch), co-author of the title-track that tells of Lupo’s past music adventures, and finally Folco Fedele, a drummer who also collaborates with Genoese ensemble Panther & C.

The result is gorgeous, lush, rich, quality prog to enjoy and relax in delicious aural comfort. Yes, it bears the imprint of all the participating musicians, and in particular the musicians’ stylistic involvement alongside Stefano’s voice, still incredibly crystalline and intense today. The album itself still echoes the sound of that golden age of Italian progressive rock, but wonderfully well recorded and produced with modern technology recreating those classic sounds. And of course Lupo himself was a fundamental character back then and still is now.

For all good prog lovers, you don’t need to know Italian, just revel in it!

2.La morale cede
3.La stanza e l’angolo
4.Dei ricordi, un museo
5.Le due linee gemelle

Stefano Lupo Galifi: lead and backing vocals
Luca Scherani: piano, keyboards and flute
Marcella Arganese: electric and acoustic guitars
Gabriele Guidi Colombi: electric bass
Folco Fedele: drums

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