CD Review – So Far As I Know – The Omega Point EP

There’s seemingly plenty of musicians out there trying to create something a little bit different. It may not be commercial, or indeed even very popular, but once in a while you come across a band that thinks just a little differently. So Far As I Know are a Russian band that has been around for a decade or so now, releasing both EPs and full albums. This EP is the latest of these and deals with the idea of The Omega Point, being the supposed future of the evolution of consciousness and a hypothetical point in time and space when artificial intelligence will inevitably merge with organic, thereby forming a higher consciousness. Not an easy throw away notion then, but certainly one that holds possibilities.

The music draws on a variety of styles, as befits the fluidity of the idea. There’s plenty of electronica, post-rock, ambient, psychedelia, spacerock and more than a hint of sound track styled rock. It is certainly a colourful listen and one that stimulates the imagination. The music is instrumental and multifaceted. The ambience of the electronica shifts and whirls into post rock swells with an increase in intensity as the tracks grow. You could easily imagine the music being in a movie, or even a video game. There are three tracks on the EP, each very much interlocked with the others. The opening title track sets the tone for the rest of the release and is reminiscent of both Ozric Tentacles and Djam Karet in approach but not in presentation. It is a track that builds almost erratically to its climax. Noogenesis, the second track, starts somewhat not unlike Tangerine Dream, before slowly migrating to something more post-rock. The final track, the shortest of the trio at around the three-minute mark or so, AGI is a fast paced piece with great guitar swells and urgent drumming. The EP is relatively short at just under the quarter of an hour mark, and serves as a build up to a full album in the near future on which the title track will feature. The album might well prove to be an interesting release, especially if the band can build on the imaginative possibilities of the concept. Atmospheric, futuristic and blissed out stuff indeed!

1. The Omega Point

2. Noogenesis

3. AGI

The line up is not stated, but the possible line-up could be:

Sergei Guselnikov – guitars, electronics, concept

Victor Korkin – bass

Dmitry Ilyasov – guitars

Dmitry Shelomentsev – drums, percussion

Release date: 24th September, 2021

Label: self-released

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