Francie Conway Gets Festive

Irish singer song-writer Francie Conway is about to release a Christmas single. Called Christmas Night, it finds Francie in a reflective but positive mode. It is an affirmative tune that is hopeful and progressive. It is available from 8th December, which happens to be the anniversary of John Lennon’s passing. The track, which is predominantly led by acoustic guitar, features Francie on vocals and twelve string, Viviene Boucherat on vocals, Dom Torche on Hammond organ and piano, Peter Erdei on bass guitar, Chris White on vocals, drummer Matt Kelleghan, and Rory Conway on vocals. A video, filmed in both Ireland and Sweden, can be viewed here:

This follows up a single of Francie’s released on 18th October. Peace, Love & Rock ‘n’ Roll is a fine slice of pop rock featuring a gutsy-edged electric guitar riff in a song that tries to find a little bit of the spirit of John Lennon. It moves at a good pace and is quite fun alongside the central seriousness of the song. Francie Conway is joined on the recording by David Richards, a producer with Queen, David Bowie and others providing keyboards, bass, drums and programming, Vivienne Boucherat and Chris White from The Zombies on backing vocals. The song was recorded in the legendary Mountain Studio in Montreux. A video of the release is available to watch here:





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