by Aaron Gidney

I reviewed the last single (‘Soft Explosion’) from Australia’s Groom Epoch in 2021 – ‘Your Name’ is the follow-up to that, and is from their forthcoming third album, ‘Initiation’.

It’s a similarly hypnotic track with elements of avant-garde/almost spoken word lyrically delivery from ex-The Church drummer, Richard Ploog and co.

The musical arrangement is once again very sparce with single-line guitar throughout and a very chilled vibe designed for late night listening with a glass of red.

It’s more catchy than Soft Explosion, with a chorus this time (albeit in a sad minor key). The crystal clean background guitar work throughout the track add a nice element of melody that missing from the vocals and in the end, makes the outro of the track sound very ‘pretty’ – which is a stark contrast to the monotone vocal delivery. This track probably won’t appeal to those who didn’t ‘get’ Soft Explosion and is most definitely under the category of a ‘niche within a niche’ but the vibe is nice for those of you who value the ‘chill’ aesthetic – very similar to Iboga Gazebo.


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