by Aaron Gidney

Global rock ‘n’ roll collective, Genghis Nash release a new single, ‘The Swamp’ from their upcoming album, ‘The Odyssey’ due for release in 2022.

For those of you unfamiliar, this project features a truly diverse, multi-ethnic lineup, consisting of musicians from the USA, Australia, Mongolia, Mexico and Venezuela. At the heart of the collaboration is Braillian, Michel Nasrallah and Australian, Jackie Barnes – son of the legendary Jimmy Barnes.

Released on Golden Robot Records, The Swamp may begin as standard rock ‘n’ roll fair as you’d probably expect from modern artists within the genre. However, the production and songwriting lifts it above others. There’s a real stomp and groove to this, particularly throughout the verses and it has been mixed wonderfully which will be perfect for radio play. The guitars have a real punch to them without overpowering any of the other instruments and the riffing is extremely tight, locking in with drums nicely throughout the track. The song structure is concise (four minutes) with a gorgeous middle eight section which adds a depth and variety to the track along with an infectious chorus that is guaranteed to worm its way in to your brain after just a couple of listens. The guitar riff mimics the chorus vocal melody, increasing the infectiousness and gives the ears something really tangible to grab on to – a sign of good songwriting.

As someone who is not generally a fan of the genre, this was a real nice surprise and I look forward to hearing any future releases, given the diversity of the musicians involved and the quality on offer with this lead single. If you like your modern rock ‘n’ roll, then these guys are ones to watch for the future.


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