by Aaron Gidney

German Guitarist/Producer/Composer is the ‘W’ in renowned Prog act, RWPL and also supergroup, Blind Ego.

25 February 2022 sees the release of his new album, ‘Voices’ of which ‘Three’ is the lead-off single.

The track features Subsignal vocalist, Arno Menses on Guest Vocals along with internationally recognised drumming powerhouse, Marco Minneman.

It’s a powerful track with strong verses and a great chorus along with plenty of group vocals smattered throughout to add to the power. The main guitar theme serves as a nice motif and returns a couple of times throughout the track in various iterations, along with a great melodic solo utilising unison bends and some nice repeated staccato lines.

Arno’s vocals are mixed very well and sit nicely in the mix – always difficult when you are playing alongside top-calibre musicians like Kalle and Marco. The sustained guitar work in the choruses helps focus the listeners attention on to the vocal melody, which is a great technique and ensures that there’s no unnecessary distraction from such a strong chorus.

The track is very nicely paced and is memorable enough as a lead single and hopefully the rest of the album will be as strong as this one. I look forward to hearing the rest very soon!

For those of you who still enjoy music videos – here is the link – – it’s a very well made video and serves a great accompaniment to the track.


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