CD-Single Review – Semantics – Sleep At Night

We all need and depend on something to get us through the day. It is a part of being human. A coping mechanism that we develop to protect and aid with our day. Brisbane punky alt-rockers Semantics explore that feeling with the new single Sleep At Night. Singer Callum Robinson explains; “Everybody has a crutch and needs a little help getting through each day,” he said. “It’s no one else’s place to judge your coping mechanisms, but it’s imperative that you’re self aware and don’t dig yourself a deeper hole.”

The song is a punkish take on alt-rock, with a beefy opening guitar sound that could grace any number of heavy rock styles, but soon moves into a poppier mode that touches briefly on Country and Western. The chorus brings to mind the stylings of REM, before shifting into heavy metal territory. It is this diversity that makes Semantics interesting musically, the shifts in genres allowing the band a very colourful broad template. On the evidence of this single they have the writing abilities and nous to make an impact. They have recently signed a deal with Side One Dummy – an independent, punk-oriented US label with a growing reputation. The band will release an album, Paint Me Blue, on the 20th May 2022.

The single is viewable here:

Callum – Lead Vocals/Guitar

Zac – Guitar/Vocals

Madi – Bass/Vocals

Mitch – Drums

Release date: 22nd July 2021

Label: Side One Dummy

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