Yes Interview on Youtube

A new interview with Yes men Steve Howe and Geoff Downes has been posted on Youtube. The interview was recorded on 25th May 2022 with Prog Magazine Editor Jerry Ewing prior to the band’s The Album Series Tour 2022, which now features Close To The Edge, celebrating its 50th Anniversary, rather than Relayer as originally planned. The tour has been dedicated to Alan White.

The interview, which was recorded prior to the immensely sad passing of Alan, is available to view here:                                                 

The band’s tour begins very soon and is the latest in the Album Series, this time celebrating Close To The Edge, but other classic tracks by the band will be played too. The tour line Up features: Steve Howe on guitars and backing vocals, Geoff Downes on keyboards, Jon Davison on vocals, Billy Sherwood on bass and backing vocals along with Jay Schellen on drums and percussion. The shows, described as a full production, will include a high-definition video wall directed by Andy Clark. Long-term collaborator Roger Dean will also be joining the tour, bringing along an exhibition of Yes related art.

0959-Jerry-and-Lois-Photography-YES-Little-Creek-Casino-2015.jpg Drummer Alan White | performance © Jerry and Lois Photography All rights reserved

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  1. Really sorry about the sad loss of Alan White…But Yes Tour to roll on…Royal Concert Hall next Saturday evening for me …Regards David Coyne


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