CD Review (Single) – Levi Nice – Come, Buried Men

Come, Buried Men from Levi Nice proves that you do not have to be an acoustic guitar wielding musician to be a singer-songwriter. Not that there is anything wrong with people who do, but Levi takes a more post-rock approach that sees him melding an over-arching guitar squall with a deep pop sensibility. The London and Leeds based musician and producer clearly sees no genre boundaries. This release sees him matching his aggressive guitar sound with electronics with an impassioned melody that sweetens the rain of notes. Much of the feel of the song comes from the way even the acoustic instruments have been processed. An intriguing sound that bodes well for the full album from him, Utilitarian Art, which is released at the beginning of September.

1 Come Buried Men

Levi Nice – all instruments

Release date: 9th August, 2022

Label: Counter Clockwise Records

Formats: digital

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