6 Questions with John Young

Martin Hudson asks John Young 6 Questions; maybe 7! It had been quite a while since I had last spoken to John Young, these days better known for being the founding member of the band Lifesigns, a band I knew little about. My little knowledge of this band was mainly down to my handing over […]

CD REVIEW – Virus by Haken

by Aaron Gidney Oft-heralded as the ‘new Dream Theater’, it’s hard to believe this is Haken’s sixth studio album in ten years, and eighth release if you’re counting the Restoration EP and the L-1VE releases. Straight off the back of a successful support slot on Devin Townsend’s European Tour, the band appear to be firing […]

Three colours dark – the science of goodbye

Firefly Music Here’s an album that brings together again former Karnataka personnel Rachel Cohen (vocals) and Jonathan Edwards (keyboards) along with Tim Hamill and several guest appearance including the vocal talents of Steve Balsamo. The songs are co-writes by Rachel and Jon with a cover of Richard Thompson’s Ghosts In The Wind added to the […]

From Beatles to Blondie, Bowie to blackheart, with brass knobs on

A little carousel of music memories This a book of personal music anecdotes totally from a punters point of view and not necessarily looking at the gigs themselves. It is an amusing journey from the 70’s to today with stories of the journey to the gig and the resultant visual experience. It is extremely […]

CD REVIEW: Asian Death Crustacean – Baikal

London experimental metal 4-piece Asian Death Crustacean have released their debut album, Baikal. It’s a showcase album, wearing their breadth of influences on their proverbial sleeves: extreme progressive metal, electronic/ambient music and underground jazz. Named after the world’s oldest and deepest lake in the vast expanses of Siberia, the album’s title was chosen to evoke […]

CD REVIEW: Cover to Cover Anthology (Vol.1-3) – Morse, Portnoy, George

The third of their Cover To Cover series of albums (‘Cov3r To Cov3r’) comes in July 2020 at the same time as the release of ‘Cover To Cover Anthology (Vol. 1 – 3)’, collecting all 3 instalments together over 3 discs., with the first two albums being newly re-sequenced and remastered, and with brand new […]

Roots in July

Michael McDermott – What in the World Possibly one of America’s most rated, unknown songwriters, he’s a rock and roll/singer-songwriter tour de force. “I could have been a contender,” Michael sings, not out of pity but defiance.: a glorious middle finger to those gods who picked him as boy wonder three decades ago and then […]

CD REVIEW: Others EP – Frost*

by Aaron Gidney It’s been almost exactly four long years since the last Frost* offering – 2016’s fantastically diverse Falling Satellites following various periods of hiatus and inactivity. The Others EP is a stop gap offering from Jem Godfrey and co, prior to the release of the much anticipated 13 Winters anthology artbook and album […]

Rick Wakeman and The English Rock Ensemble – The Red Planet

Rick Wakeman and English Rock EnsembleThe Red PlanetRRAW What better way to lift the Corona depression that to travel to Mars with Rick Wakeman and the band. After his sojourn with the piano albums Rick has returned with a typically excellent piece of keyboard led inspiration joined by Dave Colquhoun on guitar, Lee Pomeroy on […]

6 Questions with Rick Wakeman

Martin Hudson asksRick Wakeman6 Questions To use Rick’s own words, “I’m a pensioner now.” So with the Covid 19 crisis still upon us these are scary days for him and for all the older folks among us, me included. With wife Rachel having her own health issues it became a double problem where both were […]

CD REVIEW: A Visit to Zoetemeer – Tiger Moth Tales

Pete Jones, long-time mastermind behind Tiger Moth Tales, first came to the fore with his excellent debut Cocoon. I still recall my “interview” with him for CRS’s magazine “Rock Society” where I could barely get a proverbial word in – two questions and Pete filled the whole article! And with a heavy heart I have […]

CD REVIEW: The God-Shaped Void – Psychotic Waltz

California-based progressive metallers Psychotic Waltz are back with all five members from the group’s first three albums, A Social Grace (1990), Into the Everflow (1992), and Mosquito (1994). Psychotic Waltz got their start in El Cajon (a suburb of San Diego) in 1986, initially known as Aslan. Over the next six years and three albums, […]

CD Review: How do We Want to Live? – Long Distance Calling

Long Distance Calling is a post-rock band from Münster, Germany, formed in 2006 and they have something actually almost unheard of – a longevity as an almost totally instrumental band with numerous albums: Satellite Bay (2007), Avoid the Light (2009), Long Distance Calling (2011), The Flood Inside (2013), Nighthawk (2014) and Boundless (2018). So this is the next step in their multi-faceted career: 7th studio album ‘How Do We Want To […]

6 Questions – John Mitchell

Martin Hudson asks John Mitchell 6 questions John Mitchell is the brain behind the band project Lonely Robot. After the success of the trilogy, Please Come Home, The Big Dream and Under Stars we might have thought that was it and time to move on but John had a trick up his sleeve. It was […]

Roots in June

Joe Edwards – Keep on Running In the small town of Devizes in rural Wiltshire was the local blues/cellar bar, offering a great education in the art of intimate and stripped back acoustic roots music. And thus inspired, Joe Edwards began to play covers of his favourite Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan and B.B King songs […]

Jethro Tull – The Prog Years Tour

An announcement from Jethro Tull: 27th May 2020: We are sorry to announce that the Jethro Tull – The Prog Years UK tour in 2020 will be postponed to September 2021.  Due to the current uncertainty of putting on large events in the UK, we feel that the responsible and safest option for our fans, band and […]

CD Review: Hansan – Nattflykt

It’s always interesting to see what past experiences have brought an artist to the certain point when an album is released. Sofia Karolina Talvik is a singer-songwriter from Gothenburg whose first album ‘Blue Moon’ was released in 2005. Her nordic folk style is delicate and rustic, her crystal clear voice melancholic and ethereal.  A year […]

CD Review: Lesoir – Mosaic

In 2019 Lesoir toured as ‘special guests’ of Riverside and were inspired to write this new album, their fifth.  Recorded in the winter of 2019, the result is an emotional, less angry offering than previous albums and seeeks to capture their dynamics, recreating the energy of their live performance. Strengthened by producer duo John Cornfield […]

Yes Reschedule UK Dates

YES announce re-scheduled UK dates, due to the coronavirus pandemic, for The Album Series 2021 Tour. The tour was originally scheduled to kick off this month in Liverpool – it will now begin on 16th May 2021 in Manchester. The show will feature their 1974 Relayer album in its entirety together with a selection of […]

CD Review – Three Colours Dark – The Science Of Goodbye

The Science of Goodbye is the debut album release from Three Colours Dark, a new project from Rachel Cohen and Jonathan Edwards. It is their first writing/recording collaboration in sixteen years, since their partnership as two of the founding members and songwriters of the award-winning original line-up of Classic Rock Society favourites Karnataka. Following the […]

Book Review – Steve Howe – All My Yesterdays

Steve Howe’s prominence in the prog rock world cannot be denied, so there will be a lot of interest in this autobiography. Of course, fans will approach the book for different reasons, maybe hoping to gain an insight into the music or the relationships between Yes and/or Asia band members. There is more to Steve […]

Steve Hackett – A Genesis In My Bed

July 2020 will see the publication of A Genesis In My Bed – the autobiography from guitar great and former member of Genesis, Steve Hackett.   As with his music, Steve has written a highly detailed, entertaining and embracing tome that charts his life in full, but with a firm emphasis on his years with Genesis […]

Paul Birchall – Frangible

Way back in 2007 I was sent a CD by a band called Combination Head. In fact it was Paul Birchall, keyboards, programming and all round musician that made me aware. The album had heavy leanings to Camel and I knew would appeal to the CRS followers. It did and so a gig at Rotherham’s […]

Roots in May

Eileen Rose – Muscle Shoals Rose’s breakthrough album, 2000’s Shine Like It Does was recorded with country-techno renegades Alabama 3 (responsible for the theme tune to The Sopranos) and co-produced with Jerry Boise (Buena Vista Social Club) and released on Rough Trade Records. It met with praise, as have all following albums: Be Many Gone […]

CD Review: The Great Adventour – The Neal Morse Band

Mike Portnoy proclaimed “The Similitude of A Dream” as Neal Morse’s best album, only to give the same accolade to the follow-up double album “The Great Adventure”, and that together they are an epic 4-disc set. This performance of “The Great Adventour – Live in Brno 2019” (audio only in my case as reviewer) is […]

Roots in April

The Reverend Shawn Amos & The Brotherhood – Blue Sky Prior to emerging as the Reverend in 2013, folks knew Shawn Amos as producer (Solomon Burke’s Live in Nashville and Shout! Factory box set Q : The Musical Biography of Quincy Jones), and an Americana singer-songwriter who’d grown up in a dramatically dysfunctional L.A. home, […]

Album Release – Kansas – The Absence of Presence

American proggers Kansas have a new album out this summer, It’s called The Absence of Presence and is their first studio release since 2016s The Prelude Implicit. The Absence of Presence, released by Inside Out Music on 26th June 2020, features nine all new tracks written by the band, produced by Zak Rizvi, and co-produced […]


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