Who are we?

The Spirit of Progressive Rock was created by a group of Progressive Rock enthusiasts from the UK to fill the hole left behind by the announced closure of our much loved Classic Rock Society.

We are first, and foremost, a Progressive Rock news and reviews website to which anyone can contribute; and secondly we promote and host live music in the South Yorkshire area.

Main Co-ordinator

Kris Hudson-Lee is younger than most of the bands he loves and definitely shouldn’t be listening to this “twiddley prog nonsense”. Currently on bass duties in Strangefish.

Honorary Patrons

Martin Hudson is a founder member of the original Classic Rock Society. After a few years sitting back, Martin is now active again. You may occasionally hear him uttering his words “glasses on the floor please”.

John Hackett is the younger brother of Steve Hackett and is an accomplished flautist, guitarist, bassist and keyboardist. John has a huge discography spanning four decades and is currently touring his own The John Hackett Band.

Steve Hackett is the older brother of John Hackett and gained prominence in a little known band “Genesis” between 1971 and 1977. Steve was a co-founder of GTR after Genesis, and has also had a huge career of collaborations and solo albums. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame in 2010.

Rick Wakeman is known to many as the face of Progressive Rock and is somewhat of a legend amongst the Prog scene. A close friend of the Spirit, Rick was delighted to be asked!. Rick played keyboards in Yes at various points between 1971 and 2004 and has written a number of solo albums.


Larry Candler, Dave Kennedy, Bernard Law, Dave Pearson, James R. Turner, Odette Swann