CD Single Review – David Minasian – So Far From Home

David Minasian is a highly respected keyboardist, vocalist, composer and producer deeply rooted in progressive rock. Over the years he has worked alongside Elton John, The Moody Blues, Andy Latimer and Alan Parsons amongst others. His new album ‘The Sound Of Dreams’ is slated to be released in September, but David has released a single from the album So Far From Home, featuring PJ Olsson, who is vocalist for Alan Parsons Live Project.

So Far From Home is a pretty solid progressive song that actually reminds me very much of the Alan Parsons Project. That’s not because of the vocalist, although that helps, but the style and feel of the tune. I also hear similarities to Dave Kerzner’s work. It is immaculately played and produced. It is well paced and has a flow that allows the music to build to powerful climax.

It has been a long build up for ‘The Sound of Dreams’, as David’s last album was released in 2010. It will include a host of legendary musicians including Justin Hayward, Steve Hackett, Billy Sherwood, Annie Haslam, Alan Parsons lead vocalist PJ Olsson, Moody Blues Live vocalist Julie Ragins and Pentagram founding member drummer/guitarist Geof O’Keefe. Indeed, the album’s title track promises to be an 11-minute tour-de-force which will bring Steve Hackett, Annie Haslam and Billy Sherwood together for the first time on the same recording.

I don’t know about this being The Sound Of Dreams, more like Dreams Coming True. David explains; “These are the heroes I grew up with. Co-writing and recording with them was a dream come true. Therefore, the album’s title couldn’t be more accurate – for this is what dreams coming true sound like.”

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