Dopapod Release Fannie

Dopapod, the American prog band who sometimes find themselves described as a jam band, has released another single from the new album.

There is an animated film of the song here:

A daydream-like journey through time and space, the song opens with a hypnotizing, bluesy guitar part overtop strange ambient noises. The song’s narrator finds himself musing on the various gifts and delicacies he wants to treat his titular love Fannie with.

The character dreams of taking her on a fancy date and to the movies after. “Take her to the movies is there anything that’s good? / She’s into Kurosawa and karate, want to treat my Fannie.” Glowing keys and a steady drum beat underscore the song’s uncanniness, a dream within a dream. After a series of interpretive vignettes at the restaurant, the narrator takes Fannie back to his apartment, before the dream vanishes. Fannie is reading a note that is slipped under her door from the narrator. A closing sequence swells and churns the band’s sonics through dreamlike splendor.

The band’s latest album, also called Dopapod, is now available.

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